Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Hearted, God-Centered

Rick and Bubba are household names down south, so it's only natural that reading their stories is like strolling down memory with old family friends. Taking the show way back to its beginnings, each man details his personal journey in making the Rick and Bubba radio show into what it is today -- a total joy and success to all its thousands of listeners!

Both men emphasize how being genuine, honest and transparent has truly affected their radio show, and the reader watches as "bein' real" carries the show from a fun pastime, to a money making job-job, to a cult classic and ultimately, into a tool in God's hands bringing hundreds to Christ through triumph and tragedy. Rick and Bubba share their written story in humility as they give God the glory for their success and ministry.

Warning -- if you are a parent, this book will bring you to tears and to your knees. It made me evaluate my faith -- will I truly give God glory when He gives AND takes away from me? These men are big-bodied, big-hearted and big heroes of faith in God.

Thanks to Booksneeze for giving me a copy of this book for review. I snatched it up and didn't put it down!

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