Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recently my grandma bought my dad a "Christian" self-help book from a grocery store. He started to read it and was stunned to find doctrine so twisted, that it crossed the line of blasphemy. With all the self-help Christian books dotting the shelves, it's difficult to discern what's going to be trustworthy and spiritually edifying. When I saw this book available from, I knew immediately I could trust it to be spiritually sound because of one name: Billy Graham. A man who has proven himself to be solidly grounded in the gospel, Billy Graham expertly delivers teachings based on the Bible in layman's terms.

Though this classic has been updated, its truths survive the test of time because they are rooted in the timeless Word. Billy Graham applies scripture in a very clear, concise way that will speak to both the spiritually mature and newer believers. This would be a great gift to a college student, a new mom or anybody that is limited on time, but needs quick and solid daily guidance. I'm going to stash a copy in my guest room for visitors to enjoy.

*Thanks to for sending me a copy to review!*

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