Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shameless Shutterfly Shabang!

Shutterfly is doing a promotion where if you write a 150 word article for them on your blog, you'll get 50 free Christmas cards!  I'm super excited about this because 1) anybody can do it, 2) I've got to hurry up and get on this Christmas card thing and 3) Shutterfly seems to have really good quality pictures, designs and photobooks.

Possible spoiler alert:  I really like the above Christmas card (Merry Blossom) and this one called Retro Christmas . . . One might be perfect for the Christmas picture we took at the beach this week.  Can't wait until Millie Bean can be on there with us . . . next Christmas! :)

Also check out these wall calendars if you still need a Christmas gift for Gramps, or this cutie birthday invite with a little chicken on it.  And if you're ever planning a baby shower, they have way cuter invites than you'll ever find at Target!  Like this one!  

Hope that y'all are having a great time planning/decorating for Christmas.  I plan to launch into it this week. Thanks for listening about Shutterfly!  And check your mail!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Birth That's Right for You by a doctor and a midwife, helps explain the birth process without inundating the reader with horror stories and heavy opinions.  Their premise is that what comes naturally to you defines how you will birth your baby.  (IE, if you don't breathe through your teeth, it's not going to come in that handy when you're fightin' through those contractions.)

I like to be informed without being influenced, so this book helped me feel more confident about going into labor and delivery.  A little more information about what the drugs actually do -- and their negative/positive affects would have been helpful.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sadly, many Christian movies have the reputation of being less than well produced. However, The Least Among You contains excellent cinematography and quality acting.

Caught up in the 1965 Watts Riots, Richard Kelly finds himself on probation in an all-white seminary.  Kelly is torn between his civil rights duties, spiritual calling and the presidents agenda for his presence at the all-white school.  Inspired by a true story, this movie doesn't shy away from the irony of racial prejudice and hatred within a Christian seminary.

Though the overall story was interesting, the plot moves somewhat slowly and ends uninspirationally.  However, the movie's thought-provoking contrasts and issues of morality allows for a wholesome way to spend an evening! provided me with this DVD for reviewing purposes.